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Portal Registration Help

Click HERE to view how to register for the Children's Pediatricians & Associates (CP&A) Patient Portal!

STEP 1:  For parents/guardians whose children are already patients at our practice - Click "REGISTER"
STEP 2:  Registration Consent Page will appear - Click “I ACCEPT"
STEP 3:  Please complete all required fields with an RED asterisk * - Click “SAVE"
STEP 4a:  If you are the parent/guardian - Click Add Child to “My Family” click "NEXT"
STEP 4b:  If you are the patient, select one of the following statements, click “NEXT” and proceed to Step 7
STEP 5:  Select “My Family” tab > Add Family Member - Select your relationship to the patient

STEP 6:  ANSWER QUESTION - “Is the family member you are adding a patient at our practice?" - Click "NEXT"

STEP 7:  Add the PIN # and other identifying patient information from above


To add additional children to your Portal account, go to the “My Family” tab.
You have successfully registered and added your child to our PATIENT PORTAL!