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Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions

About the Children's Pediatricians & Associates Patient Portal 

What is a Patient Portal?
Our Children’s Pediatricians & Associates Patient Portal is a safe and secure website that will allow parents to access certain parts of their children’s medical records. The Patient Portal is accessible using computers, tablets, and smart phones.

How secure is my child’s medical information?
Your child's health information is private, secure and protected. Patient Portals have privacy and security safeguards in place to protect your health information. To ensure your private health information is safe from unauthorized access, Patient Portals are hosted on a secure connection and accessed via an encrypted, password-protected logon. Our Patient Portal also has an “audit trail” feature that keeps a record of who accessed your information, what changes were made, and when.

Is there a cost to access the Patient Portal?
No. Account creation and registration are free.

Can I ask emergency-related questions via the Patient Portal?
No, the Patient Portal is not to be used for emergency-related health care issues. If you are experiencing a health care emergency, call 911, or visit the nearest emergency room.

How do I send my office a new message from my inbox on the Portal?
You cannot send a new message directly from the Inbox. You can contact the office by sending a secure message through the Patient Services menu item. You can ask the office clinical questions, general office questions, or billing questions.

Creating a Patient Portal Account 

How do I register for the Patient Portal?
Visit our Portal Registration Help page for step-by-step registration help. Please have your child’s PIN available to link your child to your Portal account. If you do not have a PIN, contact your child's doctor's office, and we will provide you with a PIN. You will be asked a few security questions so that we can ensure we are speaking to the child’s parent or guardian. You can also watch our Portal Registration Video HERE for detailed instructions.

Do I need to create a separate account for each of my children?
No, the first time you set up your portal account, you will be creating an account for yourself. After your account is created, it will then prompt you to go through the steps of linking each child to your account using his or her specific PIN number that should have been given at your most recent office visit.

Can multiple accounts be linked my child’s account?
Yes. Parents and guardians are allowed to create multiple separate accounts to link to their child’s account.

I cannot “Verify My Identity” to add my family member. How can I add my family member?
If you are not the patient/child, the system cannot verify your identity. Please visit our Portal Registration Help page for step-by-step registration help. If you need further assistance, please contact your child's doctor's office. Please note that the only family members that can be added to your account are your children themselves.

Passwords and PINs

I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?
There is a login box on the bottom left-hand side of the Portal’s homepage. Click on the blue link “I forgot my password” to reset your password. You will be asked to enter your User ID or email to retrieve your hint question.

The PIN I received for my child has expired. How do I obtain a new PIN?
Call your child's doctor's office to request a new PIN. You will be asked a few security questions so we can ensure we are speaking to the child’s parent or guardian.

I misplaced my PIN letter or temporary password letter that the office gave me. How can I retrieve this information?
If you misplaced your PIN letter, call your child's doctor's office to obtain your PIN number. You will be asked a few security questions so we can ensure we are speaking to the child’s parent or guardian. If you misplaced your temporary password letter, call your office or go to Portal Help Desk, and we will send a new temporary password to the email address associated with your Portal account.