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Dr. Hamburger Letter to Patients

  July 17, 2018
Dear Patients and Families: I have had the opportunity to tell some, but not all of you that, after 30 years with our practice, I’ll be retiring from patient care as of this coming September. 

I’ve known some of you for all of those years and others, only in the past year. I’ve even had the joy of seeing a few of you change roles from patients to parents yourselves. It has been a privilege to be part of your lives. I’ve learned so much from many of you parents about the power of love and caring even in the face of difficult challenges. 

I have worked with a group of outstanding colleagues and staff at Children’s Pediatricians & Associates at Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill. They are like family to me, and I am so grateful to be able to leave you and your child in their capable and caring hands. Dr. Jeannie Chang-Pitter will return to our practice after spending the last three years overseas with her family. For those of you who have not already decided to pursue care with one of our other doctors or nurse practitioners, I strongly recommend establishing a relationship with Dr. Chang-Pitter as your primary care pediatrician. She is an exceptional, caring, experienced clinician. 

If I am listed specifically as your child’s primary care provider on your insurance card, you will need to call your insurance company and request that the name be changed to one of the other physicians in the group. Please contact the office if you need any help. 

I will be staying on as Medical Director for the CP&A practices, and hope to continue to have a role in making patient care even better in our Children’s National Health System. In that effort, I ask for your help. In recent years, we’ve made great strides in improving access for patients to specialty care, and in improving communication between our practice and providers in our system. But, there is always room for improvement. Many of you have had reason to seek consultation and care from our emergency room, specialists and hospitalists at Children’s National. I would love to hear from you about your own experiences with our health system: ideas you may have as to how and/or where we can improve the patient experience at Children’s National, or about what we already do well to make it easier to navigate the system. You can do so by emailing me at: ehamburg@cnmc.org with the subject: “feedback”, or anonymously with a letter addressed to me at our Foggy Bottom practice: 2021 K St, NW. Washington, DC 20006. All feedback you provide will be confidential and not attached specifically to your child’s medical record. 

With many thanks and very best to you all, 
Ellie Hamburger