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November 30, 2018 

Dear Patients and Families, We are writing to let you know that Arlene Nichols, M.D. and Rita Przygocki, NP are leaving the practice at the end of the year, effective December 31, 2018.

Dr. Nichols and Rita Przygocki were wonderful assets to our pediatric team, and will both be greatly missed. As a patient, please know that your child will continue to be cared for by our experienced pediatricians and we are committed to providing the very best care for you and your child.

 All of our patients and families are kept informed of any updates and changes. With that, I’d like the opportunity to introduce our newest staff member, Cecilia Williams Little, NP.   If you have questions or are in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office at the following: 

                                                               CP&A Clinton 
                                                       Clinton, Maryland 20735 
                                                              CP&A Fort Davis 
                                                          Washington, DC 20020 

Please feel free to contact our Clinical Operations Practice Manager, Ya-Hawnia Williams, with any questions or concerns you may have at 301-599-0900.  


Lisa Rainey, MD