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About Us

CP&A has more than 50 providers in several locations, providing patient care in Montgomery, Prince George's, and Charles counties in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Our locations in the nation’s capital affords us a unique position to serve as an advocate for children, which we do on both the national and local levels as ambassadors for children.

With locations in the District of Columbia, and Maryland, we take a team approach to caring for children in their communities.


Mission Statement

Children's Pediatricians & Associates (CP&A) mission is to provide high-quality care and services to enhance the health and well being of children and adolescents. Our purpose is accomplished through a mutually beneficial and positive relationship with Children's National Health System. Under experienced physician and management leadership, CP&A shall remain financially stable and maintain the highest ethical standards so that we may strengthen the physician-patient relationship through continuity of care, patient education and advocacy, and practice management


The team at CP&A firmly believes in the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent serious illnesses and save lives. We also firmly believe in the safety of vaccines. Our offices follow the vaccine schedule outlined by the Center for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics which has been scientifically tested for safety and efficacy. 

There is no such thing as an approved "alternative" vaccine schedule. We will be happy to provide information to help you understand the science behind vaccines, as we have a commitment to our patients to keep them safe and provide the best pediatric care available. This includes giving vaccinations on time, according to the CDC/AAP schedule.

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